how i help

  • Coaching leaders I guide challenged leaders to conquer overwhelm and navigate with courage. One-on-one coaching helps clarify your challenges and helps you discern next steps. I use questions and tools around mindset and decision making. These sessions are 90 minutes each and range from one session to a high-access coaching subscription. I also lead group coaching cohorts for teams and groups of leaders. 
  • Consulting with teams I help teams discern their next steps and implement change. Often this involves moving in a new direction, latching a new initiative or solidifying their culture. This ranges from one session, to monthly sessions, and even ongoing retainer agreements. This can be done through Zoom or site visits.
  • Speaking to organizations and audiences I love activating individuals and organizations through speaking. I speak to gatherings of all sizes. These environments include teams, organizations, churches, podcasts and conferences. My talks inspire new thinking with a bias toward taking next strategic steps. 
  • Designing life changing experiences Experiences take information and relationships to the next level. I partner with a curator to design experiences (usually in beautiful and relaxing places) where we dive deep into discussion, relationships and incredible food together. This produces cohesion, fun and shared learning.  
  • Working Genius I love translating the results of the Working Genius assessment to leaders and teams through training and coaching 
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