About me

I love adventure. I spent a season in Antarctica, backpacked New Zealand, I have climbed many peaks and regularly spend time in the Colorado wilderness camping and fishing. But the greatest adventure of my life is being a faithful husband to Julie and dad to my four kids. 

I am crazy about helping hungry leaders conquer overwhelm and navigate with courage. I serve leaders and organizations around the country through coaching, speaking, consulting, designing experiences, hosting mastermind groups, writing my own books and ghostwriting for others. I co-host Right Side up Leadership Podcast and regularly write for Outreach and Field Notes .  

I founded and lead a team of 18 coaches, consultants and content creators at Stay Forth Designs to help leaders GET HEALTHY + REACH MORE IMPACT. 


13 years of pastoring
12 years of leadership development 
11 years of coaching 
5 years of business development 
4 books published  

“Alan’s ability to listen, discern, gently guide, and encourage brought us to new levels of understanding and propelled us beyond our log-jam and back to forward progress. The team agreed, even with combined experience of over 60 years, that this was the best meeting facilitation that we’ve ever experienced.”   
Geoff, Ministry CEO and President 

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